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      Happy outdoor activities

      Happy outdoor activities

      Life is not only the work in front of us, but also poetry and distant happy land. Body and soul, at Sunspring, can be pursued on your road.

      In order to enrich the cultural life of employees and strengthen the cohesion of the team, we organized an outdoor activities to go to beautiful ryside to get close to nature.

      Happy Games

      Cooking Show

      Delicious Foods


       Special Happiness

      Happy Families

      Many wonderful photos have not been presented one by one, but they are all left in the memory of each of us.

      These activities enriched the spare time life of the employees and made everyone feel the warmth and care of the company. It also improves the cohesion of the team and fully shows the humanistic care of the company. Let’s enjoy happy time and be more full of enthusiasm to work.

      Looking forward to next happy time!